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I used to believe that I would never get better..

I had bounced from doctor to doctor from the time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease at the age of 8. Each doctor had a different method of blaming me for my weight gain, headaches, hair loss, constipation, and anxiety, but the message was always the same: my labs were normal so it must be a problem of me eating too much and being lazy. Our visits would usually conclude with a directive to:

"Eat less and exercise more."

I recall a time in my teenage years where this message had pushed me to the breaking point. I insisted to my doctor that I was hardly eating anything and was exercising daily, yet my weight wasn't reflecting my actions. He laughed and said he doubted that my 250 pound body could run a quarter of a mile. 

"Join the track team, then we'll talk." He said sacrastically as he left the room.

I went home that very afternoon, laced up my black converse shoes, and ran faster and harder that I ever had in my entire life. I was going to prove him wrong! 


Three houses down the block I was gasping for air and regretting my choices.  It turns out he was right, I wasn't made to run track. But I still had a point to prove so I asked the track team coach how I could be on the team without actually running. That was the day I became the stopwatch manager of my junior high school track team.

I was on the team!

You can probably guess that my doctor still wasn't happy at my next visit and blamed me for the 2 pounds I had gained since our last appointment. This blame game went on for years with different doctors across different specialities until I finally landed with a naturopathic doctor who began testing for the root causes of my thyroid problem. As we addressed these, my thyroid began working!

I lost weight, my hair grew back, digestion improved and I was able to remember things without writing them down. I was at a point where having a thyroid problem was about to become a thing of my past. I should have been elated, but I was terrified.  After reviewing my amazing progress at one of our visits, my doctor looked at me from across the table and said

"Missy, how to you expect to get off of thyroid medication if you don't even believe it's possible?"

If this moment was played out on a movie screen, it would show me sitting in an arm chair as the camera zoomed out of the building and high into the sky to emphasize how small and insignificant I truly was. I had been trying things my entire life to get off of my thyroid medication and prove that I could be healthy, yet it had never occurred to me that my thoughts were part of the equation!

Her words started me on an insatiable journey of changing my beliefs about my ability to heal. It led me through paths of eastern medicine, acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, life coaching, conferences with neuroscientists, biologists, hypnotists, and anyone who could teach me more about how our thoughts impact our bodies. What I discovered is that Rene Descartes was correct in the 1600's when he famously said 

"I think therefore I am"

Our thoughts directly translate into hormone and nervous impulses in the body and if they go unchecked, they will contribute to our disease state. 

While I am a huge fan of testing to find the root cause of a health problem, simply treating the imbalances without addressing the thoughts that are contributing to the problem will not create lasting healing. When I finally confronted my lack of belief in my ability to heal my thyroid and started telling a new story about how my body is able to heal itself.

I was able to walk away from taking thyroid medications for good!

To carry on with the movie analogy, this would be the scene where the camera zooms back in from the birds eye view in the sky and returns to my as I discover that I have all the power I need to create the life I want. 

You have that power too!

The story you have been told about your health and your ability to heal may or may not be true. It all depends on your beliefs about it. Let's investigate it together and write a new story!

When we do a coach session together my goal is to help you discover the thoughts and stories that are holding you back from achieving the health you want.

Awareness is the first step in recovery and often times we need someone to point out our errors of thinking so we can begin to change the story. After all of my years of mindset work, I still have sneaky little thoughts that try to derail my health and I need a coach to point them out to me, just like my doctor did years ago. I will do the same for you because I believe in your ability to heal.

You don't need to do our testing to benefit from coaching (although I highly recommend it and you receive massive discounts by bundling the coaching and testing!) 

I have worked with clients to resolve issues with:

  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Depression
  • Rocky relationships
  • Crumbling marriages
  • Financial trauma
  • Religious anxiety
  • Poor family relationships
  • Addictions/living with someone who is addicted
  • Gut and digestive disorders
  • Chronic disease
  • Autoimmune problems

Individual coach sessions are 50 minutes long and can be done via video chat or on the phone. Either method is recorded and you will have lifetime access to the recordings. I sell these sessions in packages so we have the opportunity to work through the layers of a problem. We will work together to discover the root emotions and thoughts that are contributing to the imbalances in your body.

While it can be uncomfortable to acknowledge our errors of thinking, it is essential to moving forward with better health. I never judge a thought or feeling because I've likely had them myself! All thoughts and feelings are valid, but they may not be leading us to the best health possible. 

4 coach sessions are $797 and can be used at any frequency you choose. 

Let's write your story of better health!


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